With a 2nd place win at the X GAMES and a sweeping victory on MTV2's Band on the Rise contest behind them, Vinyl Dharma is a band with new found success and boundless prospects. Outfitted with a strong array of ringers, such as Sleep Under Cover, Fresh and Light Me Up, the bands launch from idyllic South Texas to coveted main stages has become a journey of inventiveness and personal poise.

Their independently recorded album The Lost Years, is a perfect example of the band's unique musical color and ever-evolving wall of sound. Accessible via Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes, The Lost Years is backed up by great reviews and generous support from local Texas magazines, bloggers and die hard fans. Released during the X Games of 2014, the album received over 60,000 plays in one month and has been turning heads since day one. The album's single Sleep Under Cover, received 26,000 plays on it's own that month. This band never fails to produce great music and the album will be candy to your ears.

On June 8th, Vinyl Dharma placed 2nd place in the 2014 ESPNX Games national Battle of the Bands contest and was awarded $10,000 in cash. Over 250 bands competed in the competition and the Austin indie rock band manage to maintain the lead all the way up to the finals. The band however came up a couple of hundreds votes short in the last round and lost to Washington D.C heavy rock band SUPER Bob. Both bands put on a heck of a show at the Battle of the Bands finale as they competed side by side for the grand prize of $25,000. 

On December 2nd of 2014, featured the band's song Sleep Under Cover in their yearly recap of AUSTIN'S BEST OF 2014. The song was named the best Austin indie dance song of the year.

The band's album The Lost Years landed a national music licensing deal with The Discovery Channel and Nascar. 

Vinyl Dharma's sound will always have a clear air of electricity. They're Austin's best kept secret.