• December 2014 -  The boys were cleared for a national TV music licensing agreement with Nascar & The Discovery Channel.
  • February 21st 2015 The band is out of winter break and is ready to hit the stage again. Their first show of the year will be held @ the Vulcan Gas Company located in the heart of Austin, Texas, on 6th Street.
  • February 28th - The guys will travel down to South Texas to play at a popular local pub called Cobbleheads in Brownsville, during the South Texas - Charro Day Festival.  
  • March 2nd - Live video recording/performance (Chicon Collective)
  • March 14th - The band will be in South Texas again in the city of Brownsville. Performance set at Shenanigans. 
  • March 21st - SXSW show booked - Camel Event. 6th & Red River for MKTG
  • March 29th - Show booked at Cheer up Charlie's in Austin, TX. Solstice Live Showcase
  • April 2nd - Performance set to go down at the Swan Dive in Austin, TX
  • October 3rd -  It's time to drink some beer! The band is set to perform at the 3rd annual Brownsville Beerfest @ 8pm.